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Top 5 new Gifts of Hope that change lives and build communities

Gifts of Hope  like the Family Survival Kit  help to create lasting change in the communities where we work.
Gifts of Hope like the Family Survival Kit help to create lasting change in the communities where we work.
November 7, 2011

Plan International USA has launched the latest edition of our Gifts of Hope catalog. Gifts of Hope are real items you can give as unique, meaningful presents that provide real change for the communities where Plan works.

This year, we've added a selection of brand new gifts to help you show your loved ones how much you care about them. Here's our list of the Top 5 new Gifts of Hope this year!


Top 5 new Gifts of Hope


1. Family Survival Kit – This gift will help children and families meet their immediate needs when disaster strikes. Vital items, including soap, oral rehydration salts, water jugs, temporary shelter materials and blankets can mean the world when you’ve lost everything.

2. A Pair of Rapidly Reproducing Rabbits – Rabbits breed like, well... rabbits! One healthy pair can easily produce over 100 rabbits in a year’s time. With this gift you’ll supply a struggling family with a steady and reliable source of income that keeps children well-fed, healthy and in school.

3. Mother-to-Be Kit – This gift focuses on expectant moms and their babies by providing access to vital prenatal and postnatal services. You’ll be helping save women’s lives and bring healthy babies into the world as safely as possible.

4. School Meals – Get this gift and you’ll provide a child with nutritious meals at school for one year. A full stomach makes it easier to focus on lessons and parents are more likely to send children to school – instead of keeping them at home to work or care for siblings – when they know their child will be well-fed.

5. Orphan Care Kit – A child who’s lost one or both parents faces enormous challenges every day. Their limited access to food and other basic necessities makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. But with this gift, you can keep an orphaned child safe and provide him or her with basic essentials such as food, shelter, healthcare and clothing.

See more new Gifts of Hope or browse our complete catalog now!


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