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February: Check out our new look!

February 1, 2012

Trivia Question

Which Plan program country is credited with discovering coffee? Click for the answer!


Message from the President/CEO

I'm pleased to share with you our Annual Review, which provides a glimpse of all that Plan has been doing around the world this past year. For me in particular, 2011 has been an energizing and engaging first year as CEO at Plan.

As we move into 2012, we look forward to many exciting happenings. In March, we'll be celebrating our 75th anniversary. We'll also be officially launching our Because I am a Girl initiative, a comprehensive effort to prioritize the needs of girls in all of our work. Thank you again for your generous support.

Together, we will continue to help communities all across the globe lift themselves out of poverty – one child, one family at a time.

Tessie San Martin, Ph.D. President/CEO


Plan's work in 2011: Annual Review

In 2011, your support helped Plan reach over 56 million children in 58,000 communities across 50 countries. We trained 527,284 people, 15% more than last year, in skills ranging from education and child protection to disaster risk reduction and improved water and sanitation systems.

Our work with children to make them aware of their rights and strengthen their confidence and leadership skills led to changes at local and national levels, as young people made their voices heard.

To learn more: Download a copy of our 2011 Annual Review 


What's New?

Violence in South Sudan

Violent conflicts between ethnic communities in the Jonglei state of South Sudan have left over 170,000 internally displaced people in desperate need of life-saving aid. Plan's Country Director in South Sudan describes the situation as grim: "Amid the chaos, children have been abandoned. People haven't had food, access to clean water and some are wounded and have no shelter."

Plan is responding to the crisis by distributing food items, water and hygiene kits to affected families. View the full story or Donate to our Disaster Fund. 


Featured Blog Posts

Immersed in the Refugee Run
At the World Economic Forum, Plan International CEO Nigel Chapman participated in the Refugee Run, a simulation exercise where participants experience the fear and struggles refugees face in order to survive.

The Powerful Women of Bouala
Tessie attends a meeting of a Village Savings and Loan group in Bouala, one of the poorest provinces in Burkina Faso. The VSL program teaches women discipline, accountability, and the power of collective action.


Featured Video

Postcards from the USA
Meet Efraín Calles, a former sponsored child whose life was turned around with help from the inspiring postcards he received from his US sponsor. 


All About Girls

Nurseries in El Salvador challenge gender stereotypes Plan's 'A Good Start to Life' program instills ideas of gender equality at an early age. View the full story.

The Global Journal names Plan 35th best NGO in the world

The Global Journal, a print and online publication covering today's global issues, released a list of the world's best non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The list covers all sectors of NGO activity and both international and national NGOs.

Plan was ranked at #35, joining a prestigious list that includes the Wikimedia Foundation, Partners in Health, Oxfam, Mercy Corps, Human Rights Watch, and Save the Children among others. The first international ranking of its kind, the Journal's list recognizes NGOs as significant agents of social change and seeks to "move beyond outdated clichés and narrow conceptions about what an NGO is and does."

See the full list of the Top 100 Best NGOs. 


Trivia Answer

Coffee was discovered by a shepherd named Kaldi in Ethiopia who noticed his goats prancing about restlessly after eating the leaves of the coffee plant!

Recipe of the month

Sadza ne Dovi In Zimbabwe, sadza, or cornmeal, is the national accompaniment to most meals. This dish is a brilliant spicy chicken stew with crunchy peanut butter for seasoning. View recipe.


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