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INGO Accountability Charter praises Plan

February 11, 2012

The INGO Accountability Charter has announced that Plan’s work on the Learn Without Fear (LWF) and Count Every Child (CEC) campaigns are “examples of ‘Good Practice’ for other organizations.”

The INGO Accountability Charter ‘outlines its Member Organizations’ common commitment to excellence, transparency and accountability’ and is well regarded amongst other competitors, such as Oxfam. This recognition is therefore a great achievement for Plan, and should be something we are all proud of.

The importance of our commitment to accountability is highlighted further by its strong inclusion in the Annual Review and the fact that Plan adheres to other accountability standards.

This specific Charter uses the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) template to assess NGOs. This template guides organizations to focus and report on certain areas against the factors of completeness, evidence and institutional commitment.

For the team, the process involves collating and submitting the report to the INGO Accountability Charter on an annual basis. The report is then reviewed by the Charter’s Board, who respond with their feedback on the lengthy document.

This is the first year that the GRI template has been used for reporting and it has evidently been effective with some great feedback being generated.

Nadya Kassam, who takes lead responsibility for both campaigns, says: “This is an amazing achievement for Plan, as we are newcomers to global campaigning. It’s a real testament to not only the leadership who enabled LWF and CEC to be created and implemented, but also to the staff and especially focal points whose hard work made it all possible.”

Nadya continues: “I hope that INGOs now use the good practice that we have created and learn from our success.”

In addition, Plan will be submitting its latest report (based on FY2011) at the beginning of April. So hopefully there will be more praise to come.

For more information on the INGO Accountability Charter visit their Questions and Answers page.


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