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Plan's Learn Without Fear Third Progress Report

March 5, 2012

Over 485 million children are being protected from violence in schools through Plan’s Learn Without Fear (LWF) campaign since it began three years ago.

The third LWF progress report reveals the campaign’s latest achievements. These include the endorsement by the Nepalese government of a Learn Without Fear policy, an outright ban on physical punishment in educational institutions in Bangladesh, and in the Philippines, the Anti-Corporal Punishment Bill now covers bullying as well as corporal punishment.

Progress continues to be made despite the challenging backdrop in which teachers across 77 countries are still allowed to punish children physically, and where sexual violence remains a serious problem. In West Africa, it is common for children, sometimes as young as 6-years-old, to be raped and coerced into sexual acts in return for good grades.

The latest phase of the campaign has focused on sexual violence, bullying and corporal punishment in school, adopting a holistic approach to the issue by involving stakeholders such as the police, lawyers, health and social workers as well as children, parents and teachers.

In addition, the campaign has reached:

  • nearly 53,000 teachers;
  • over 30,000 schools; and
  • some 311,501 people.

Plan has ensured that violence-free schools are a priority for governments and education bodies by working at many levels – globally, regionally, nationally and locally. An example is seen in the work with teachers’ unions in 20 countries, which should help to spread LWF’s campaign messages.

Read the entire Learn Without Fear Progress Report.