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Malawi: Children get set to launch their own TV station

Girl recording a radio program for the Timveni Child Media Radio project
Girl recording a radio program for the Timveni Child Media Radio project
August 1, 2012

The Plan-supported Timveni Child and Youth Media Organization has been given permission by the government of Malawi to launch its own, national television station.

Run by children for children, this new TV channel will operate alongside the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and will help raise awareness of some of the biggest problems faced by young people in Malawi today.

Positive Step

The Timveni Child and Youth Media Organization is one of only seven bodies that have been issued with the permit.

“This is a positive step, as it will raise awareness of children’s capacity to participate in their own protection,” says Lilly Omondi, Plan's country director in Malawi.

“The reality of children’s rights starting to be realized here in Malawi has come. We thank the government of Malawi for this bold step.”

Girls Shout

Since 2006, the Plan-supported Timveni project has been empowering young Malawians to make a difference in their own lives, by helping them broadcast their opinions via media outlets such as TV and radio shows.

Timveni, which means "let it be heard", has also helped give a voice to Malawi’s teenage girls, who still face challenges such as early and forced marriage, walking long distances to get safe water, and high dropout rates from school due to poverty and abusive cultural practices.

Reaching Out

“The television license which has been granted will help us to reach out to more children and youth in Malawi in promoting their rights, talents, life skills and education,” says Manyanda Nyasulu, Director of the Timveni Child and Youth Media Organization.

“Our dream is to have a media school which will train children and youth of Malawi in media skills involving them in the production of radio and television programs. This will assist them to attain exposure, experience and inspiration and also to act a tool to disseminate messages of awareness on issues of their rights.”

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 Harouna IBRAHIM August 2, 2012 10:32 AM
Bonjour amis@ souleyam pui a malanvilles
 centre for youth and children development of malawi December 4, 2012 1:14 PM
glad that this plan will take place,we shall join you very soon