Nurul Recognized by Indonesian President

by Because I am a Girl

Because I am a Girl ambassador Nurul was recognized by Indonesia’s President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono yesterday during the Indonesian Children’s Day celebrations.

President Yudhoyono shook hands with Nurul and wished her luck on her upcoming trip to the United States where she will represent her country during the first ever International Day of the Girl.

Speaking before thousands of children, President Yudhoyono used Nurul’s example of leadership to encourage the audience to keep doing their best in order to become prominent and successful in the future.

Nurul was also acknowledged by State Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Linda Gumelar during the celebrations. Nurul met with Minister Gumelar the previous day and engaged in a lengthy dialogue about women’s empowerment and child protection. Impressed with Nurul’s dedication, Minister Gumelar publically recognized her involvement in campaigning against early marriage, encouraging girls’ access to education, and promoting gender equality in her district, Grobogan.

“I hope that the award that I have achieved can make my friends in Grobogan proud and willing to campaign to change the culture of getting married young,” said Nurul.

Judging by the children, teachers and other ministers who asked to take a photo with Nurul, we think that she’ll make not just her friends, but her whole country proud.