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Urgent Funding Needed for Emergency Response Programs after Severe Flooding in Cameroon

Plan is working to provide emergency shelter, food, medical, and educational assistance to those displaced after seasonal flooding in Cameroon.
Plan is working to provide emergency shelter, food, medical, and educational assistance to those displaced after seasonal flooding in Cameroon.
September 12, 2012

Urgent support is needed to aid the emergency response programs operating in Cameroon after severe floods have swept away homes and displaced more than 67,000 people. 

In the Far North region, the Logone River has flooded and more than 20,000 of its citizens have been left homeless. Local authorities had attempted to open Maga Dam's evacuation and overflow outlets to prevent further flooding. However, two of the dykes have since collapsed and the town of Maga has been flooded.

Many of those displaced have sought temporary shelter in the Kaikai, Pouss, and Guirvidig communities. Others have found shelter on the outskirts of the WAZA National Park. The Plan partner community of Assighassia in the Mogode council has also been flooded, leaving 229 people without shelter.

Plan’s Maroua unit has since donated 45,000 pounds of millet, over 200 gallons of oil, and 662 sanitation kits to 452 families living in Kaikai. In support of going back to school in the North, textbooks for Mathematics, French, and English will be donated to 1,926 children in 18 schools and three temporary learning spaces are under construction. The Garoua Program Unit has also donated chlorine, sanitation kits, over 400 pounds of millet, 244 gallons of oil, and 30 traditional cookers to aid in relief efforts.

In the North region, Local government authorities have reported that as many as 47,000 people have been displaced. Numerous injuries and as many as 15 deaths have also been reported.

Plan has found 174 sponsored children households in 9 partner councils that have been affected. One sponsored child had fractured her leg when her home collapsed and Plan is currently sponsoring her treatment at the hospital in Garoua.

Heavy rainfall in the Eastern region has also resulted in the flooding of the Plan partner community of Sibita. An assessment is currently in progress to assess the damage and provide appropriate support to the victims.

The government of Cameroon has organized a crisis commission lead by the Minister of Territorial Administration to provide support to the flood survivors in the Far North and North regions. This support has included food and non-food related items such as mosquito bed nets and soap.

In the Far North, local authorities have provided tents to free classrooms where some of the displaced are taking shelter. Plan is currently collaborating with UNICEF, the Red Cross, CARE, and International Medical Corps (IMC) to assess water, hygiene and sanitation, and protection and education-related issues. Plan has been visiting victims in the field and is taking stock of the emergency needs in consultation with the local administration and the Mayor.

In the East, a crisis commission has been put in place to provide food and shelter to the victims. There are 94 sponsored children in this area.

In the aftermath of the recent flooding, outbreaks of cholera have been reported and there is the risk of further outbreaks due to the displacement of families and poor sanitation caused by the limited number of latrines that available for waste disposal.

Furthermore, the loss of farms and livestock will negatively impact Cameroon's harvest season severely limiting the ability of victims to meet the nutritional needs of their families. 

Plan is working to provide access to shelter, clean water, sanitary facilities, and educational support, but additional funding will be necessary to further implement these emergency relief programs. 



Information for Sponsors

We will contact sponsors directly if we receive any news about individual sponsored children. If you are planning a visit or have any particular concerns around this issue, please contact our Donor Relations staff at or at 1-800-556-7918.



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