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Partnering for Girls

Yasmin, one of the featured girls in Girl Rising, has been involved with many of Plan's non-formal educational programs.
Yasmin, one of the featured girls in Girl Rising, has been involved with many of Plan's non-formal educational programs.
January 29, 2013
Plan Partners with 10x10 to Bring Attention to the Importance of Educating and Empowering Girls

We’re pleased to announce our exciting partnership with 10x10, a global social action campaign with a groundbreaking feature film at its heart.

As part of Plan’s 'Because I am a Girl' initiative, we are working with 10x10 to raise awareness that educating and empowering girls can break the cycle of poverty in just one generation. For additional ways to get involved in our campaign, check out the projects Plan is implementing around the world to give girls a brighter future.

Girl Rising


10x10 presents Girl Rising: the true stories of real girls striving beyond circumstance.

  • The issues. It’s true around the world: The obstacles that girls face are tougher, the hurdles higher. Early marriage, trafficking, gender-based violence — to name but a few. But in every country 10x10 visited, the filmmakers met girls fighting and succeeding against impossible odds.
  • The writers. Compelling stories call for dynamic storytellers. 10x10 matched each girl with a world-renowned writer from her country — women whose passion and empathy informed the screenplay, relating stories unique to each girl, yet universal in their themes. Through the words of the writers, the voices of the girls ring out.
  • The A-List actresses. Girl Rising features high-impact narration by world-class stars like Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez, and BIAAG global ambassador Freida Pinto. Their voice performances bring the stories to life. And, most importantly...
  • The girls. You will meet Sokha, who rose like a phoenix from the dumps of Cambodia; Ruksana, who sleeps on the streets of Kolkata but never misses school; Suma, who wrote songs to endure bonded servitude in Nepal; and others with stories just as powerful.

Plan works with girls, their families, and their communities in 50 countries around the world to address the challenges they face so that girls can have a brighter future.

Yasmin's Story

One of the girls featured in Girl Rising – Yasmin, whose real identity is protected due to safety concerns – has been involved with Plan’s non-formal education programs in Egypt...and while her story is yet to be fully written, she can teach all of us a thing or two about courage and inner strength. Although she may be limited by gender roles in her country, her imagination and dreams know no bounds.

In many parts of the world, strong patriarchal mindsets and the low value placed on girls and women have contributed largely to the impunity with which gender-based violence is committed in homes and in public spaces. To ensure a sustained reduction in the instances of violence against girls and women, Plan works with communities in 50 countries around the world to develop and implement programs to raise awareness and educate institutions on gender sensitivity and responsiveness; combat harmful traditional practices such as female genital mutilation and child marriage; and provide rescue, rehabilitation, and life skills training support for child trafficking survivors.

As Freida Pinto so eloquently stated at the Sundance Film Festival, Yasmin – and countless other girls like her – “do not see themselves as victims but they definitely want and need our help to achieve their full potential. In fact, they are actively requesting it!” There is hope...and you can be part of the solution. Join Plan and 10x10 in telling the story that investing in girls’ education truly can change the world.

View the Girl Rising trailer and help us bring the film to your local theater!


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