Because I am a Girl at Sundance Film Festival

by Because I am a Girl

When I think of the Sundance Film Festival, my mind immediately conjures up images of celebrities on ski slopes, fashionably transitioning from mountainside attire to theater outfits and after-party wear, all while wearing sunglasses to remain incognito. After spending a few days there last week, I can definitely attest to the necessity of sunglasses – otherwise the snow is seriously blinding!

To be honest, the other associations I had with Sundance really left my mind once we got into the thick of things with 10x10’s sneak preview event for the film, Girl Rising. I forgot that there were celebrities and other films in town – because I’m so excited about the enormous commitment and passion behind this documentary, years in the making and coming to theaters this March.

Plan has been partnering with 10x10 since 2010, when we were first approached by the film team to get involved in a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education. 10x10’s mission was so complementary to our own Because I am a Girl initiative that we signed on immediately...and the partnership has been invaluable in reaching a wider audience with the message that educating girls can change the world. Now that the film is almost ready for theatrical release, the 10x10 team is hitting the film industry and press circuits to build buzz for the documentary and its associated campaign to support girls around the world.

From Intel to other NGO partners to the U.S. government, any organizations that have been even tangentially involved in this partnership have been touched by the simple message that girls are the key to a more promising future for all of us. Plan’s Because I am a Girl global ambassador Freida Pinto headlined the 10x10 Sundance event and talked not just about the challenges that girls face...but the hope that they offer, hope for a brighter world and the ability to achieve their full potential.

There were probably bigger stories that came out of Sundance 2013...but the combined efforts behind Girl Rising will make the most lasting impact on people beyond Park City – and I’m so glad that Plan is helping to promise futures, one girl at a time!