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They Say That Love is All You Need

February 14, 2013
But, What If Love is All You Have?

In the days, weeks, and months following a disaster, timing is critical. However, the scarcity of resources during times of crisis can create hardships for families who need food, water, shelter, and medical care in order to survive.

Plan's knowledge of communities, local structures, and institutions has enabled us to assist children and families in times of crisis. Our Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund has allowed us to forge new relationships and provide long-term recovery and rehabilitation programs that enable communities to develop, grow, and ultimately become self-sustaining long after the aid has been delivered.

Read About Our Most Recent Accomplishments and Learn How You Can Help:


Plan Delivers Learning Kits to Children in Mozambique

Plan is working with the Mozambican government to distribute 10,000 learning kits to schools in the Gaza Province, where more than 70,000 school children have been affected by the recent floods.

Setting Up Catch-up Classes in Mali

Following the recent armed-conflicts in Mali, Plan has organized catch-up classes to ensure that children don't fall behind in their studies. In addition to catch-up classes, Plan also offers students and teachers psychosocial support to help them overcome the stress and trauma experienced after a disaster. Minthi shares her story...

Bringing Aid to Mothers and Children

In the aftermath of Bopha, Plan has partnered with Irish Aid to deliver 400 tents to the New Bataan municipality. Plan has also started construction on a new Child-Friendly Space (CFS) and a breast-feeding room for lactating mothers. Read about Plan's work in the Philippines...

Rebuilding Schools in Haiti 

Since 2010, Plan has been working in Haiti to train teachers and help over 31,000 children return to school. Through the provision of learning kits, supplies, and school equipment, Plan is helping Haitians rebuild classrooms. However, additional funding is still needed.

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