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Plan Donates Bicycles to Community Health Workers in Togo

Canton Chief of Notse gives a new bicycle to female health care worker.
Canton Chief of Notse gives a new bicycle to female health care worker.
April 24, 2013

Health care can be very expensive for families in West Africa. Preventable diseases such as malaria often affect young children putting them at a greater risk of contracting the disease. In Togo, over 48 percent of hospital admissions and 53 percent of home health visits are malaria related.

With Plan’s support, a group of volunteer community health care workers in the Plateaux region, a region most affected by malaria, have come together to provide health care in their communities.

Volunteers have made regular house-to-house checkups to ensure that families are healthy. However, without transportation, the health workers travel on foot making it difficult to reach everyone in the community.

As part of Plan’s project to strengthen the universal prevention and treatment of malaria in Togo, Plan has donated 200 bicycles to assist health care workers in their efforts to combat malaria and other preventable diseases.

In addition to checking on the well-being of community members, health care workers are also educating families on recognizing the symptoms of malaria and providing instruction on the importance of impregnated mosquito nets and their usage.

“The volunteers help their communities in times of need. They are real patriots who are helping not just their fellow villagers, but their country as well,” explains Fritz Foster, Country Director of Plan Togo.

By supporting the national malaria program, Plan hopes that the mortality rates from the disease will decrease by 70 percent by 2015.


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