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Celebrate the Power of Youth!

August 12, 2013

Our Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) network believes that young people have the power to change the world!

This International Youth Day, we would like to thank all of the youth who have played—and continue to play—an instrumental role in educating their schools and communities on global issues like poverty, HIV/AIDS, climate change, and child exploitation.

Through a series of campaigns and awareness-raising activities and events, we believe that youth play a powerful role in finding innovative solutions to many of our global challenges. Watch our video to learn more!

Hear What Our Coordinators and Youth Participants Are Saying:


"I admire the energy and enthusiasm of the activists in our programs, as well as their earnestness. It’s not that they’re ignorant of what they’re up against; it’s just that they refuse to give up in the face of challenges. Once they know that others believe in them—organizations like Plan and the Youth Engagement and Action Team that I’m a part of—then they can believe in themselves, too. And the results are amazing."

—Dounia, Youth Outreach and Marketing Coordinator for Plan International USA

Read more about Dounia's involvement with Plan's youth programs in her blog article.

"Girl Rising reminded me of Malala and the tragedy she overcame and my hearted filled with melancholy when I looked at my life and realized that anyone of those girls could be me."

—Johnnie, a youth ambassador and YUGA Leadership Summit participant reflects on how the screening of the film, Girl Rising has empowered her to fight for girls' education.

" one wants their identity to be reduced to a stereotype. We all take pride in whatever parts of society we identify with, whether it’s with males, females, LGBT, Asians, Latinos, or mentally ill or disabled. We want to feel comfortable embracing what makes us different and interesting, but we also want to feel connected to a larger group. This idea unites us, because we all want and feel the same things, just through different experiences."

—Brenna, youth ambassador and YUGA Leadership Summit participant

See how Brenna was impacted by a Plan workshop at the 2013 Yuga Leadership Summit.

Learn How You Can Get Involved:


Are you a student who wants to make a difference for the issues that matter most to you? Register to connect with our network of youth activists and campaign for change together!

Are you an educator who wants to connect your students with peers in developing countries? Learn more about our School-2-School Linking program.


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