Meet Our Ambassadors:Tatiana

by Because I am a Girl

As you know, the second International Day of the Girl Child will be celebrated on October 11, 2013 and we are thrilled to welcome another delegation of Because I am a Girl ambassadors to New York City to mark this special occasion. Here's Tatiana's story:

Tatiana, 19, is a recent high school graduate and aspiring journalist from Burkina Faso. Her passion for activism began at the young age of 6 after her playmate was unable to start school because her family could not afford the fees.

Tatiana remembers feeling helpless when she attended her first year without her friend. After Grade 2, Tatiana says, “I could not stand it anymore, and so I asked my parents to talk to hers so that they would send her to school.” Tatiana’s father was a teacher and was able to help her friend with enrollment.

As the girls progressed through their education, Tatiana’s friend became one of the top students in class, which made Tatiana think about the other children who might not be so lucky. “Many other children are left back home and their lives are thus wasted in ignorance. It pains me to see children neglected or being kept out of school and having their rights abused.”

From then on, Tatiana has made it her mission to fight for children’s’ rights. She participated in trainings focusing on the rights of children, and in 2011 she became involved with the Young Reporters Program in her district where she learned child protection advocacy. Along with her fellow Young Reporters, Tatiana created and produced socio-educational events for her entire district, and that same year became a member of the General Assembly of the National Children and Youth Consultative Council.

Now equipped with valuable knowledge and practical skills, Tatiana is confident that she can utilize media effectively to educate others about the exploitation or abuse of children, and plans to study journalism in college with a focus on reporting about children’s rights and duties.

“My experience as a young reporter has made me like communication and I want to use it as a channel to contribute to advocate for children rights in my productions,” said Tatiana.

We will be so pleased to welcome Tatiana in New York City when she arrives to celebrate International Day of the Girl on October 11. We’re looking forward to highlighting some of her reporting skills to help spread her message of child rights and the importance of girls’ education.