Meet Our Ambassadors: Bipika

by Because I am a Girl

The second International Day of the Girl is almost here! Our Because I am a Girl ambassadors have arrived in New York City to celebrate this special occasion. Here is Bipika's story:

Bipika, 16, is a 12th year student in Nepal where she is at the top of her class. She has two brothers and one sister and feels her life revolves a lot around her home life, as this is “usual for most of other girls of my age in my village.”

When she is not attending school or helping with chores, Bipika helps to educate her village on the issue of child trafficking.

Her knowledge of child trafficking and its impact on Nepal came from a nine-month life skills course called Better Life Option Program, supported by Plan International. The program helped educate Bipika on the vulnerability of children in rural areas and provided training on how to educate her village. This is done many ways, most commonly through street theatre and community building projects. Bipika feels she is now very “aware on the vulnerabilities of trafficking”.

Speaking about the program, Bipika says, “I really used to be scared of speaking in front of others. I used to hesitate to tell my problems but after participating… I gained confidence and became able to express my problems and views in front of others.”

Bipika is a good resource for helping others resolving problems as well as a go-to person for training others on how to educate about anti-child trafficking. We are very excited to have her here in New York City for International Day of the Girl where she will share her story and inspire others to do the same.