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Rebuilding Lives After the Earthquake

Residents sort through the rubble in Eastern Samar Province, Philippines
Residents sort through the rubble in Eastern Samar Province, Philippines
October 17, 2013

Thousands of families are in urgent need of support after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines on the 15th of October.

The earthquake has killed at least 222 people and an estimated 671,103 families—in particular children who remain most at risk in a disaster—need access clean water and shelter as their homes, schools, hospitals, and water systems have been destroyed.

Urgent Need for Clean Water and Sanitation


Immediately following the earthquake, Plan traveled to the hardest hit area of Bohol to respond to the most urgent needs of children and their families. While there, Plan distributed water purification kits, jerry cans, and emergency shelter kits to over 1,300 families in need.

After completing a rapid needs assessment, Plan has developed a 6-month response plan that will meet the most basic need for food, water, and shelter. In addition, the response plan will also create protection, education, and social-economic programs that will enable women and children to recover, learn new skills, and regain financial stability.

How You Can Help


With thousands of families affected, we’ll need your help! Plan is currently collecting funds for those who have been affected by disasters, like the earthquake in the Philippines. Your generous gift will provide immediate and long-term relief to those in need. Donate to the Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund and help deliver the relief that is so desperately needed!

Information for Sponsors


We will contact sponsors directly if we receive any news about individual sponsored children. If you are planning a visit or have any particular concerns around this issue, please contact our Donor Relations staff at or at 1-800-556-7918.

Plan's Work in the Philippines

Plan has worked in the Philippines for more than 50 years. We have extensive experience in responding to natural disasters and other crises, deploying teams of technical experts to support the immediate delivery of clean drinking water, food, medical supplies, educational resources, and psychosocial support that will not only provide communities with the nourishment that they need, but will also provide them with the counseling that will enable them to recover, faster. We have been internationally recognized for our ability to protect children from abuse, exploitation, neglect and violence, when they are the most vulnerable.


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