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Matched gifts are about strength in numbers. With a matched gift, your donation will be matched with a donation by a government, foundation or organizational partner, giving more children the gift of hope, helping more families live better lives, and transforming more communities. These gifts have great impact and spark great change.

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Mosquito Nets

Supply lifesaving bed nets to protect a family from malaria.

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Cost: $50
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Medical Supplies and Equipment

Provide a medical center with supplies such as vaccinations, antibiotics, and syringes.

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Cost: $65
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Help a child travel many miles to school with a bicycle.

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Cost: $70
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Prenatal Care for Expectant Mothers

Provide prenatal and postnatal care for an expecting mother.

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Cost: $75
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Train a Medical Worker

Train a medical worker and improve the health of an entire community.

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Cost: $95
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