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Sandy Hancock's Family of 10

Dear friends at Plan,

I am a single person with no children. A few years ago my mid-life crisis came in the form of asking myself who would remember that I was here and how could I create a legacy. I had heard about Plan, so I checked into it. I know how much it would help the children, but I never expected to get anything from it. I was wrong!

Very soon Robert, from Africa, came into my family. He was an older child, but I grew to love him very quickly. I learned so much about his country and his customs. I had so much fun with Robert, I added Jeffrey from the Philippines. He was seven and from his first picture I fell in love with the shy little boy waving his hand. As I look at the picture of "my kids" my heart is filled with wonderful memories of letters, drawings, handmade presents and so much love and gratitude. I never knew $24.00 a month could do so much.

My family has grown to 10 now. They are from Africa, Central America, Pakistan and the Philippines. Why so many? Because the need is staggering and I can help.

When the tsunami happened in Sri Lanka, I worried about one of my past sponsored children and his family. With the help of one of my students, who is from Sri Lanka, I was able to determine he and his family were okay and we are now able to write each other. I have kept in touch with those sponsored children for whom I have addresses. It's wonderful!

I truly feel I have gotten more from this experience that the children and I hope we will have a long, wonderful relationship together.

Thanks for all you do with the children and thank you for allowing me to have these wonderful children and their families in my life.

God Bless You,
Sandy Hancock

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