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Hobsons helps Plan improve a school

In 2005/06, Hobsons worked with Plan to improve the learning environment at Dagoretti Muslim Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya.
In 2005/06, Hobsons worked with Plan to improve the learning environment at Dagoretti Muslim Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya.

Written by Job Oluoch, Hobsons Worldwide

When the partnership with Plan was announced, I was extremely excited — especially as I was not yet sure in what part of the world Hobsons and Plan were going to make a difference in a local community. It was then announced that the project was to build classrooms in a school in a slum in Kenya. This was exciting news for me as I grew up in Kenya. The school was Dagoretti Muslim Primary School.

Different projects and activities were organized by Hobsons with the aim of raising funds to make the project a reality. In this project, Hobsons partnered with Plan to build two new classroom blocks for a school in a slum in the outskirts of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The school conditions had been identified by Plan as one of those projects that would make an immense difference in the community. The people who lived in this area were poor and there were orphans who had lost their parents to different circumstances, including to diseases such as AIDS and HIV. School had become a refuge for these students and conditions needed to be improved.

Needless to say, the Hobsons family raised the money from their different offices around the world and Plan was charged with the responsibility of making sure the project was underway. Representatives were then picked from each of the Hobsons global offices and sent to Kenya to see what their efforts had produced. This was an emotional time for the Hobsons family as they got a firsthand experience of seeing just how much their work had impacted the community. We were able to actually interact directly with the community and to see the difference the project had made to their lives.

As much as we were not able to fully tend to all the community’s needs, the little change that we had brought about made a huge difference. The funds were able even to put up sanitation projects in the school and the people around the community were trained in various fields so that together they would be able to help each other and also maintain what had just been given to them. The one thing that stood out about the project was that it was not just a charitable handout, but an opportunity to empower the people of Dagoretti Muslim Primary to learn to use the little resources they had to maintain and try to better themselves in the situation they were in.

Plan coordinated other projects within the community there and other poor communities, but making a difference in one person’s life sometimes goes a long way as that one seed that was planted, can end up bringing greater things in the future. This project not only made a difference in the lives of the students of Dagoretti but it also immensely impacted the Hobsons family as a whole. We continue now to support Plan with our next project, a two year effort in Vietnam.

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