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Providing a child with an education - particularly a girl - enables them to   help lift their communities out of poverty and reach their full potential.
Providing a child with an education - particularly a girl - enables them to help lift their communities out of poverty and reach their full potential.

Plan's goal: children and youth will realize their right to quality education

Education is a fundamental human right and vital to achieving economic growth, increasing income, and sustaining a healthy society. Education is important in helping to improve lives, break the cycle of poverty and ensure that all people, particularly women have control over their destiny.

Despite global progress, 75 million primary school-aged children are still out of school – over half of whom are girls (Source: EFA Global Monitoring Report 2008).

There are many reasons children do not go to school or stay until they are done. They may have to walk a long distance to get to school, have no food to eat at home, there is no teacher or they have to take care of a younger brother or sister.

Plan is committed to ensuring that all girls and boys are able to realize their full potential. We know that children will flourish if they are able to go school, stay there until they finish and learn the basic skills of literacy, mathematics, life skills and critical thinking in a supportive setting. We help them to do this by supporting education initiatives. We work in communities across the globe for the long term, getting to know their needs so we can better help them. This long term assistance also means we are ready to respond when a humanitarian crisis appears.

Plan has three priority areas where we focus our attention and education resources.

Over the past five years, Plan has invested over $180 million in primary education in more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


What does your support provide?

Plan invests more in basic education than in any other program area. Your support to our education programs provides children, teachers, their families or caregivers and communities with the infrastructure, training, tools, services and support they need for a better education. With your support we can provide:

  • Quality daycare centers and elementary schools;
  • Classroom equipment and furniture;
  • Teaching and learning materials, including current textbooks, maps, globes, teaching manuals, writing supplies, chalkboards, etc.;
  • Playgrounds and other recreational areas for children;
  • Training for teachers, principals, and child care providers;
  • Training of parent-teacher associations and school management committees.
  • Learn about Plan's early childhood care and development work. 
  • See how Plan's skills training programs are helping communities.
  • Learn about Plan's school-based health and nutrition programs.
  • See how Plan is working to get children in Haiti back to school.