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News Reports, Issues, and Updates

Please revisit this section of our site for the latest news from Plan communities and countries, updates on emergencies, news on international initiatives for the promotion of children's rights, news on our fundraising activities and events in the United States.

August 3, 2015   Improving Hygiene in South Sudan Camp
August 3, 2015   Water and Sanitation Transforms the Lives of CAR Refugee Children
July 29, 2015   Five People Who Are Changing the World
July 29, 2015   Four Reasons Why Addressing Water, Sanitation & Hygiene is Key to Alleviating Poverty...
July 29, 2015   Aftershock: Nepal
July 2, 2015   The Right to an Education
July 2, 2015   Improving Education in Myanmar With the Flip of a Switch
July 2, 2015   An Opportunity to Succeed in South Sudan
June 19, 2015   A Meaningful Impact, and an Important Lesson, in Nicaragua
June 19, 2015   Letting Kids Be Kids in Nepal
June 16, 2015   Bolstering Women Leaders to Change Lives in Their Countries
June 12, 2015   How Did Plan Recognize Menstrual Hygiene Day Globally?
June 2, 2015   Meet Plan International USA's Youth Advisory Board
June 2, 2015   Multimedia Center Helps Youth Succeed
June 2, 2015   Leaders Emerge from Ghana's Girl Power Project
June 2, 2015   Ensuring Migrant Children and Youth are Protected
May 28, 2015   The “Purest Form of Empowerment”
May 21, 2015   Villagers in Rural Nepal See Hope in Children’s Futures
May 19, 2015   Recognize Menstrual Hygiene Day 2015
May 18, 2015   10 Ways Periods are Stigmatized Around the World
May 15, 2015   Panel Discusses Hope for Youth of the Northern Triangle
May 4, 2015   Champions of Change: That's Me
May 4, 2015   Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies in Indonesia
May 4, 2015   How is Plan International Supporting Sexual and Reproductive Health in El Salvador?
May 4, 2015   Sexual and Reproductive Health Behavior Change in Cambodia
May 4, 2015   Traditional Sex Initiators Lead Revolution for Young Women in Zambia
April 29, 2015   A Gathering of Coaches
April 28, 2015   700 Miles for a "Happier" World
April 23, 2015   Mapping Violence Against Children
April 23, 2015   Young Love: It's Complicated
April 22, 2015   Spearheading the Fight Against Malaria at the Community Level
April 22, 2015   World Malaria Day 2015
April 10, 2015   Child Forums in India Keep Girls in School
April 1, 2015   School in a Radio
April 1, 2015   My Long Journey to School
April 1, 2015   Saving for a Future
March 26, 2015   Bringing Water to Togo
March 25, 2015   Ebola One Year On: Schools Reopen, but Fears Remain
March 25, 2015   PHR Conducts Paralegal Training for Social Workers in Six Districts
March 23, 2015   Dream of Secondary School Becoming Reality for Girls in Burkina Faso
March 20, 2015   One Year On: Fighting Ebola in West Africa
March 19, 2015   World Water Day 2015
March 16, 2015   Five Ways to Celebrate World Water Day
March 11, 2015   Hope and Inspiration in the Philippines
March 5, 2015   Panel Discusses Local Ownership and Sustainability for Lasting Impact
March 3, 2015   Champions of Sanitation in Ethiopia
March 3, 2015   The Right to Clean Water
March 3, 2015   Children in Kenya Lead in Communicating Sanitation Messages
March 3, 2015   Social Inclusion is the Gateway to Opportunity
February 27, 2015   Clean Water in Mbongo: A Dream Comes True
February 27, 2015   Brothers Survival Gives Hope in Fight Against Ebola
February 27, 2015   All That Glitters is Not Gold
February 19, 2015   USAID and PEPFAR: Institutionalizing Local Ownership for Sustainability
January 30, 2015   Youth Building a New Career in Timor–Leste
January 30, 2015   From the Streets, to the Garden
January 29, 2015   Woman in Zambia "Banks on Change"
January 29, 2015   Partnering with the Corporate World in Uganda
January 29, 2015   Developing Financial and Leadership Skills
January 12, 2015   How is Plan International USA Fighting Domestic Violence and Child Marriage in Bangladesh?
January 5, 2015   Plan International USA in 2014: A Year in International Development and Thought Leadership
January 5, 2015   Your Impact in 11 Photos
January 2, 2015   How to Get Indigenous People in the Picture
January 2, 2015   Overcoming Violence to Get an Education
January 2, 2015   Expanding Grassroots Child Protection in Cambodia
December 8, 2014   Overcoming Social Barriers with Family Planning in Benin
December 5, 2014   Plan International USA Partners to Support Young Adolescents
December 5, 2014   Engaging Men: The Journey Towards Gender Transformation
December 5, 2014   After Typhoon, Women–Friendly Spaces Provide Haven for Support and Growth
December 5, 2014   Periods are No Longer a Pain
December 4, 2014   Enhancing Skills Delivery for an AIDS–Free Generation
December 3, 2014   Taking in a "Brilliant" Day
December 3, 2014   Plan Youth Delegate Stands Up for Education at Glamour Women of the Year Awards
November 24, 2014   Strengthening Women's Leadership and Management Skills in the Gulf Cooperation Council of Arab State
November 5, 2014   Celebrating Global Handwashing Day Around the World!
November 4, 2014   Mourning a Tremendous Woman Leader in Nigeria
November 4, 2014   Typhoon Haiyan – One Year Later
November 4, 2014   Plan International Helps Family Survive Haiyan Aftermath
November 4, 2014   For Youth Leader, Child-Friendly Spaces Important in Haiyan Aftermath
October 30, 2014   Children Get Disaster-Savvy with New Game in Indonesia
October 30, 2014   Students Lead Safe Schools Program in Timor Leste
October 29, 2014   Plan International Helps Bangladesh Residents Prepare for Disaster
October 29, 2014   Typhoon Haiyan: Looking Back, Looking Forward
October 24, 2014   Meeting Without Touching: The New Vogue of Ebola Greetings
October 17, 2014   I Just Want a Normal Day
October 9, 2014   Ebola Orphan Girls Thrown into Motherhood
September 26, 2014   Empowerment Through Education and Sponsorship
September 26, 2014   Building a School and a Better Future in Togo
September 2, 2014   Changes to Plan International USA's Privacy Policy
July 31, 2014   Recognize the Importance of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene