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Basic Indicators

Source: UNICEF: The State of the World's Children Report

Population: 45,660,000 (2009)
National language: Spanish
Per capita income: US$ 4,950 (2009)
Life expectancy: 73 years (2009)
% of population using
improved drinking water sources:
92% (2008)
% of population using
adequate sanitation facilities:
74% (2008)
Under 5 Mortality Rate: 19/1,000 live births (2009)

Sponsor a child today! Colombia is the only South American country with access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Roughly three times the size of Montana, Colombia is in the northern part of the continent, and borders Venezuela and Brazil to the east, Ecuador and Peru to the south, and Panama to the west. Colombia's very short border with Panama connects it to Central America.

Although legal exports include coffee, coal and petroleum products, Colombia is the world’s largest producer of coca and cocaine, and a major producer of heroin. Unfortunately, much of the country's economy is fueled by the production and sale of illegal drugs. Colombia is beset by internal violence as fighting, financed by money from the sale of illegal drugs, continues between cartel militias, paramilitary groups and the government.

Plan works in 35 municipalities and directly supports 140,000 girls, boys and adolescents. In total, over 700,000 families benefit from our endeavors to create opportunities for children. Except in emergency situations, Plan does not provide direct assistance. Instead, we help communities develop, grow and, ultimately, support themselves.

Hear from the children

An essential part of Plan's work is empowering children to discuss the issues that matter to them and to take part in decisions that affect their lives. To help you learn about these issues, the children in Plan communities have put together a series of publications called "See Our World": Read what the children have to say about their lives.