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Basic Indicators

Source: UNICEF: The State of the World's Children Report

Population: 15,290,000 (2009)
National language: French
Per capita income: US$ 340/year (2009)
Life expectancy: 52 (2009)
% of population using
improved drinking water sources:
48% (2008)
% of population using
adequate sanitation facilities:
9% (2008)
Under 5 Mortality Rate: 160/1,000 live births (2009)

Sponsor a child today! Niger has the distinction of being one of the world’s hottest countries. Located in Western Africa, south of Algeria and north of Nigeria, Niger is a landlocked country that is roughly twice the size of Texas. More than four-fifths of the country is desert.

Most Nigeriens rely on subsistence-level farming for food and very small amounts of income. Droughts and locust infestations routinely lead to widespread food shortages and desperate famine. In the southeast region, some families raise cattle on the sparse, tough grasses that take advantage of occasional rainfall. Although Niger has significant deposits of uranium, it remains one of the world’s poorest counties.

Plan works in Niger with at least 20,000 children in 77 communities, focusing on emergency food relief, sustainable farming techniques, and education for children. Except in emergency situations, Plan does not provide direct assistance. Instead, we help communities develop, grow and, ultimately, support themselves.

Hear from the children

An essential part of Plan's work is empowering children to discuss the issues that matter to them and to take part in decisions that affect their lives. To help you learn about these issues, the children in Plan communities have put together a series of publications called "See Our World": Read what the children have to say about their lives.