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Basic Indicators

Source: UNICEF: The State of the World's Children Report

Population: 43,739,000 (2009)
National language: Swahili, English, Arabic
Per capita income: US$ 500/year (2009)
Life expectancy: 56 (2009)
% of population using
improved drinking water sources:
54% (2008)
% of population using
adequate sanitation facilities:
24% (2008)
Under 5 Mortality Rate: 108/1,000 live births (2009)

Sponsor a child today! Tanzania boasts the tallest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, and also has shores on Lake Victoria, the birthplace of the Nile.

Roughly twice the size of California, Tanzania is located in Eastern Africa on the Indian Ocean between Kenya to the north and Mozambique to the south. Harsh climate and difficult terrain make agriculture possible on only 4 percent of the country’s territory, leading to overcrowding and a lack of food for many citizens.

Tanzania’s economy is dominated by the agricultural sector, which accounts for nearly 80 percent of employment. Coffee, tea, cotton and tobacco are leading cash crops, while corn and wheat are food staples. The country also has reserves of gold, which it sells for a profit on the world market.

Plan works with more than 30,000 sponsored children and their families in Tanzania, focusing on poverty alleviation, improving sanitation, and promoting education for children. Except in emergency situations, Plan does not provide direct assistance. Instead, we help communities develop, grow and, ultimately, support themselves.

Hear from the children

An essential part of Plan's work is empowering children to discuss the issues that matter to them and to take part in decisions that affect their lives. To help you learn about these issues, the children in Plan communities have put together a series of publications called "See Our World": Read what the children have to say about their lives.