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How a Partnership with Plan will Benefit your Corporation

Corporate Social Responsibility Enhances Reputation

  • 85% of Americans say they have a more positive image of a company that supports a cause they care about.
  • 59% of Americans stated that a company’s commitment to a social issue is important when deciding which stocks or mutual funds to invest in.
  • 69% said it is important when deciding where to work.*

Increases Employee Engagement & Productivity

  • Employees want engagement opportunities: 73% said they wish their company would do more to support a cause or social/environmental issue.*
  • Employee engagement can generate greater pride, loyalty and passion toward the company’s mission, which can increase productivity by up to 43%.**
  • 92% say they feel a strong sense of loyalty to their company (vs. 61% for those who are not involved in employee engagement opportunities).*

Increases Brand Visibility and Marketing Opportunities

  • Partnerships enable mutual benefits of brand placement and marketing opportunities in the form of logo placement, sponsorships, website visibility and word of mouth.
  • Corporate partners will be listed on our corporate page and featured corporations will be exhibited on Plan International USA’s homepage on a rotating basis.
    • Our website averages about around 1,500 visits per day, with approximately 45,000 visits and 98,000 pageviews monthly.

*Cone is a strategy and communications agency: 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study
**The Hay Group is a global management consulting firm.


For more information, please contact Lindsay Kosnik, Corporate Relations Director, at 202-617-2221 or