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Economic Security

Plan works with children and families to build up their income and assets, helping them become more resilient and empowered.
Plan works with children and families to build up their income and assets, helping them become more resilient and empowered.

Plan's goal: children and youth will realize their right to an adequate standard of living

In developing countries, one in four children lives in extreme poverty. Across the globe, approximately 15% of the world’s population — 980 million people — lives in extreme poverty.* About 70% are women; many are heads of households with dependent children.

Many have little or no access to health care and lack the means to provide sufficient nutritional food for themselves and their families. They struggle to meet their most basic needs, leaving them extremely vulnerable to economic shocks or disasters.

Children are often the first to feel the affects of poverty. As they struggle for economic security, families often resort to strategies that have negative implications for children. Children may be forced to go hungry, leave school to earn an income, or work in hazardous conditions. Girls may also be forced to marry young to ensure the financial security of the family.

Improving economic household security is an absolute priority for those living on the margins of survival. Plan works with poor children and families around the world to build up their income and assets, helping them to become more resilient and better placed to cope when the worst happens. We also help young people acquire the skills they need to secure a livelihood so that they can support their families and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

  • Microfinance programs provide basic financial services including small loans and savings schemes to people living in poverty.
  • Skills training allows the very poor acquire the skills and knowledge they need to earn an income and secure a livelihood.

How does your support help?

Your support helps provide children, families and communities with the support they need to improve their household income and ensure their economic security. With your support we can:

  • Help provide small loans and savings programs;
  • Allow families to provide for the basic rights and needs of their children, including food, school fees, medical costs and protection;
  • Teach individuals to save, invest, and multiply their money;
  • Provide support and training needed to secure a livelihood;
  • Train families to better cope with emergencies and economic shocks in the future;
  • Provide education to young people to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. 

*Source: UN Millennium Development Goals Report; UN, 2007.