Egypt: Empowerment

Because I am a girl…
I have the right to go to school.

Nourhan only has one wish: to go to school so she can help others.
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Safe Future for Girls

In Egypt, simply being a girl is a hazard. Girls are exposed to violence and sexual harassment both inside and outside the home: Fully half of Egyptian girls experience sexual harassment, and more than half are beaten by their brothers and fathers. And with the increasing instability in the country, girls suffer the most.

Furthermore, early marriage places countless Egyptian girls in a lifecycle of discrimination. Child marriage has far-reaching consequences for girls: it limits their education, reduces their ability to negotiate for contraception, and increases infant and maternal mortality. It leaves girls vulnerable on multiple levels.

But with your support, the Safe Future for Girls Project will help 2,000 girls by providing:

  • savings and loan groups
  • leadership training for older girls
  • mentoring programs for younger girls
  • gender awareness training for men and boys
  • community child protection committees to help girls secure their own futures

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