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Improving Governance and Management of Education

Plan supports the strengthening of children and youth groups and promotes child participation.
Plan supports the strengthening of children and youth groups and promotes child participation.

Plan recognizes that education is a fundamental and basic human right. We believe strongly in working in partnership with others to make sure this right is upheld. As an organization, we recognize the value of promoting the participation of children in decision making and interacting with their peers to offer mentorship and guidance.

In Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, we helped to organize school-based health clubs and worked to inform large youth populations on sanitation needs and HIV and AIDS risks. In Ecuador, radio broadcasts and newspaper articles were delivered by children on children rights, education and health. And, in Albania, Plan carried out activities in 14 rural schools to establish and train student governments. Through exchange workshops with Swedish student government representatives, children were introduced to tactics they could use to increase their influence and have a greater role in their school and community.

Children also often monitor rights-based issues in their communities. In Bangladesh and Ethiopia, for instance, children are actively engaged in efforts to stop child marriage; in Ghana and Burkina Faso, children are making headway in efforts to prevent child labor; and in Bangladesh, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic, children have taken on putting an end to violence in schools and in their communities.

Through these clubs, young people also begin to understand that with rights also comes responsibility. Thus, children in Bangladesh, Ghana and China are responsible for keeping the latrines clean, sweeping the school compounds and taking on other roles.

In helping children to fulfill their rights, grow and develop, it is vital that they have the care and support from those around them, both individuals as well as institutions. Plan works closely with communities and local non-governmental organizations to improve education programs, strengthen policy commitments and prioritize safe and effective learning environments.

In Bangladesh, Village Development Committees are working collectively with teachers, directors, children and school management committees to tackle issues such as early marriage and child labor. Not only has this seen a decrease in early marriage and child labor, but also more children are enrolling, and staying in school. Attendance is high and progression rates are above the national average.

Plan also works closely with Ministries of Education and supports local government to meet their commitments in achieving Education for All and meeting targets set by the Millennium Development Goals. Plan has joined hands with government counterparts in 10 Latin America and Caribbean countries to end violence in schools through our Learn without Fear campaign. By working with stakeholders at all levels to prevent violence in schools, Plan is helping increase the retention of girls and boys in a safe and nurturing school environment and ensuring policy commitments are reinforced and implemented.

Plan has also facilitated the registration of over 40 million people in 32 countries as part of the Birth Registration Campaign. This vital legal certificate has helped to make sure that girls and boys can enroll in school and also sit government exams.