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Research & Reports

Plan's Performance and Effectiveness

Plan is committed to measuring the effectiveness of our work and demonstrating to our donors where Plan’s money comes from, where it goes, and how it makes a difference in people’s lives. We produce a variety of publications including reports, manuals, and research documents — the most recent of which are listed below:

Plan Worldwide Publications
Plan International USA Publications
Publications by Campaign
 Publications by Program

Plan Worldwide Publications



Annual Review


Plan Worldwide Annual Review and Accounts 2014
Read about Plan's work and achievements in 2014.

Full Report: 3.1 mb, 59 pages


Other Publications


Promoting Child Rights to End Child Poverty
A guide to Plan's approach to rights-based programming.

Full Report: 1.9 mb, 79 pages

Rights-Based Approach to Development
Research project between Plan Guatemala and the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.

Full Report: 503 kb, 99 pages

Plan International USA Publications


Plan International USA Annual Review
Read about Plan's work and achievements in 2014.

Full Report: 3.69 mb, 8 pages

Promising Futures Newsletter Fall 2014
Download Plan International USA's Promsing Futures Newsletter: Fall 2014.

Full Report: 5.1 mb, 6 pages

Programs in Action: Plan's Impact in 2013
Contains highlights and stories from the Plan world in 2013.

Full Report: 3.5 mb, 16 pages

Plan: Community-Based Development
How your contributions to Plan are put into action.

Full Report: 3.66 mb, 16 pages

Transparency, Accountability and Technology
How technology is becoming essential for transparency and accountability.

Full Report: 5.9 mb, 18 pages


Because I am a Girl


Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2014
This report assesses the current state of the world's girls.

Full Report: 6.3 mb, 200 pages


Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2013
This report looks at what happens to adolescent girls in disasters, and why.

Full Report: 11.5 mb, 220 pages


Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2012 
This report takes a critical look at the state of girls’ education.

Full Report: 13.2 mb, 202 pages


Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2011 
What about boys? See how men and boys play essential roles in creating true gender equality.

Full Report: 10 mb, 207 pages


Because I am a Girl: The State of the World's Girls 2010
Digital and Urban Frontiers: Girls in a Changing Landscape

Full Report: 7.03 mb, 199 pages



Learn Without Fear


Learn Without Fear: 3rd Progress Report
The Learn Without Fear campaign has seen positive gains for children over the last 3 years.

Full Report: 355.6 kb, 16 pages

Learn Without Fear: Two Year Campaign Progress Report
Two year report on Plan's global campaign to end violence against children in schools.

Full Report: 2.4 mb, 38 pages

Prevention Pays: Economic Benefits of Ending Violence in Schools
Reveals the enormous economic and social cost of violence in schools across the world.

Full Report: 1.3 mb, 11 pages

Too often in silence: A report on school-based violence in West and Central Africa
A joint report by Plan, ActionAid, Save the Children Sweden and UNICEF.

Full Report: 1.3 mb, 68 pages


Count Every Child


Birth Registration and Children's Rights: A Complex Story
Plan’s new research reveals the results of an investigation into the impact of birth registration.

Full Report: 1.97 mb, 147 pages

Birth Registration in Emergencies: A Review of Best Practices in Humanitarian Action
This report focuses on the importance of birth registration in emergency situations and provides case studies of program work that could help protect more children.                              Full Report: 1.40 mb, 60 pages


Economic Security


At this time, there are no Economic Security publications available online.




Outside the Circle: Plan's Report on Children with Disabilities
This report discusses the negative attitudes, discrimination, and violence experienced by disabled children in West Africa.  

Full Report: 3.6 mb, 44 pages


Plan's Education Strategy 2010-2013
This strategy focuses on Plan's 3 education priorities: access, quality and governance.

Full Report: 2.1 mb, 16 pages




Plan's Disaster Risk Management Strategy 2009-2013
Strategy to protect children from threats of conflicts and natural and human-made disasters.

Full Report: 1.9 mb, 16 pages



Sexuality Education in Asia: Are We Delivering?
An assessment on strategies in place regarding sexuality education in 13 Asian countries.

Full Report: 2.0 mb, 87 pages



A Girl’s Right to Say No to Marriage
Despite being prohibited by international human rights law and many national laws, child marriage continues to rob millions of girls of their childhood. Plan's report sets out the actions needed to end the practice.       Full Report: 1.6 mb, 60 pages

Silent Suffering
The psychosocial impact of war, HIV and other high-risk situations on children in Africa.

Full Report: 4.8 mb, 64 pages

Hard Work, Long Hours and Little Pay
Research with children working on tobacco farms in Malawi.

Full Report: 770 kb, 81 pages

Still on the Street - Still Short of Rights
Analysis of policy and programs related to street involved children.

Full Report: 1.3 mb, 44 pages

Water and Sanitation


Global Expenditure Review: Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation
A global review of Plan’s water supply and sanitation expenditures 2005-2007.

Full Report: 2.0 mb, 87 pages