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For Teachers and Adults

Plan's School-to-School (S2S) program connects youth in the United States with peers in developing countries.
Plan's School-to-School (S2S) program connects youth in the United States with peers in developing countries.

Teachers have an especially important role to play in raising awareness of world issues. That’s why we hope that you take advantage of our programs, events, toolkits, and other educational resources. Together, we can create a world where all people live in just and sustainable societies.

School-2-School Linking (S2S)

Make the world your classroom! Our School-2-School Linking (S2S) program connects youth in the United States with their peers in developing countries. Through S2S, young people learn about life in other parts of the world, engage in educational activities with their partners, and build relationships that bridge global divides.

As soon as you fill out an S2S application, we offer you the choice of available links. We facilitate your classroom’s link, and then you and your students can get started sharing your lives and your culture—whether through writing, artwork, songs, or other means of expression and connection. Apply today!

What you need for an S2S Link:

  • A motivated leader (teacher, administrator, parent, student or volunteer)
  • A group of engaged, enthusiastic youth (ages 13–18)
  • A desire to learn about the lives of young people around the world

Start Your Link in 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Tell us about yourself. We want to find the best partner for your group, so be sure to fill out the application completely. Apply today!
  2. Get connected. After you send us your application, we connect your group with a classroom in one of the countries where Plan International USA works. Depending on the capabilities of the school, the link will be through the postal service or through a personalized website.
  3. Perform your activities. We guide you through a set of activities to perform with your students each month. You receive and send activities by mail, email, blog posts, and text/SMS.
  4. Say hello! Or bonjour. Or hola. Or ni hao... During your Link, you can communicate as often as you like. We provide activities each month, but we also continue to help you with improving your cutural exchange for the school year.
  5. Increase your impact. We strongly encourage students participating in an S2S Link to raise awareness about global issues related to their partner school. Consider running one of our youth campaigns, or else hold a special assembly, mount an informative display, or perform some other form of school and community outreach.