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Sexual Health, Including HIV

Working together, we can combat AIDS through effective prevention, treatment and education programs.
Working together, we can combat AIDS through effective prevention, treatment and education programs.

Plan's goal: children and youth will realize their right to sexual and reproductive health, including HIV prevention, care, and treatment

Teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases affect tens of millions of children and youth because they do not have the information or services to protect themselves. Plan’s awareness-raising and direct response programs help to empower children so that they can achieve their full potential.

We directly involve children and young people in all of our work, helping them to identify problems and find solutions. We work with partners and communities to:

  • Support quality reproductive health education and services
  • Advocate for the rights of children and youths living in a world with HIV
  • Provide prevention, care and support services to those living with HIV and AIDS
  • Challenge beliefs and attitudes that maintain unequal power relations between the sexes
  • Conduct awareness-raising sessions to address Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM/C) among community and religious leaders, grandparents, health workers, and family members in countries where these practices are prevalent

HIV and AIDS Programs

Right now, there are around 33 million people living with HIV, and each year 2.7 million more people become infected with HIV and 2 million die of AIDS. The most significant impact of the HIV epidemic has been on women and young people.

Plan recognizes the severe impact of HIV and AIDS on children and their families, and works to prevent the further spread of HIV and to reduce the negative social impact of the epidemic. Plan’s work focuses on reducing children’s vulnerability, extending the lives of parent-child relationship, living positively and preparing families for transition.

Plan’s approach aims to build awareness and ensures that children and their families are protected, basic needs such as access to health and education are met, and that children continue to receive the care and support needed to realize their full potential. Plan expends additional resources on programs that provide support to the most vulnerable girls and boys, such as orphans, street children, and trafficked children.

Plan assists in the training of social workers, nurses, community health workers, support groups and family members in home-based care. Plan encourages all individuals to get tested for HIV, and advocates for access to relevant facilities that provide treatment. Plan also links pregnant women with ante-natal care to ensure the prevention of mother to child transmission.

Plan helps families prepare for transition, and engages parents living with HIV and AIDS to make meaningful plans for the future of their children. Plan aims to raise awareness among women and children about inheritance, and reinforce universal birth registration as an essential first step towards protecting the property rights of orphaned children in the future. Plan also supports social protection plans including community foster care to affected children.

How does your support help?

Your support to our HIV and AIDS programs helps provide children, families and communities with the tools they need to fight and face HIV and AIDS:

  • Information, education and communication activities to raise community awareness about HIV and AIDS;
  • HIV testing and counseling;
  • Assistance to people living with AIDS, including medical treatment and income-generating activities;
  • Counseling for HIV positive parents and guardians;
  • Support (i.e. education, food, income support and counseling) to child-headed households;
  • Psychosocial support to children and families affected by HIV and AIDS;
  • Care, protection and support to children affected by and orphaned by AIDS, and much more.