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Real change happens when girls realize the power that they were born with, regardless of the situations they were born into.

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Protect Ukrainian girls

The war in Ukraine is escalating, and children are witnessing the horrors of war. Refugee girls are at serious risk of violence and exploitation. Plan International is responding to protect Ukrainian girls and their families in Poland, Moldova and Romania. Your support is urgently needed to scale up operations so that we can help keep refugee children safe.

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Your gift supports Plan International’s response to the crisis in Ukraine, which is focused on refugee children and their families in Poland, Moldova and Romania, including work in the areas of protection, psychosocial support, emergency education and meeting basic needs for children and families that fled their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs.

With you, a better world for girls is coming. Together, we can unlock the potential of girls around the world.



We work with and for girls, centering our programs around five key impact areas: Gender & Youth Equality, Education, Maternal & Child Health, Skills & Work and Humanitarian Response.

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Maternal & Child Health

Too many girls, children and young women lack access to quality healthcare, particularly sexual and reproductive healthcare. Plan is committed to health equity, promoting healthy behaviors and environments, and enabling strong healthcare systems so that girls and communities can thrive.
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Gender Youth Participant

Gender & Youth Equality

Plan works to remove harmful barriers like child marriage and human trafficking. We stand up for youth rights and ensure girls stay protected and can take charge of their futures.
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Skills & Work

Girls and young women have big goals for their futures, but often, they don’t have the resources, networks, agency and access to pursue them. Plan provides girls and young women with programming that prepares them for professional careers of their choosing.
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Humanitarian Response

Girls in conflict are some of the most vulnerable. We work with girls and other community members — before, during and after emergencies — supporting them to secure protection, pursue their rights and achieve resilience.
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Around 132 million girls around the world are out of school. Plan provides equal access to quality, uninterrupted education, so that girls and children can grow into their full potential.
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What impact can your sponsorship create? Hear from sponsored girls and children about how Plan’s unique approach has changed their lives.

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Because of you 21.6 million girls have been reached globally. 4.5 million girls have better access to quality education. And 6.8 million girls participated in gender-sensitive protection programs.

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