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A Sponsor’s Impact

Regina is now an entrepreneur—and she credits her sponsor with giving her the confidence to start her own business.

When she was growing up in Nicaragua, Regina developed a strong relationship with her Plan International sponsor, a woman who would write regularly to both her and her grandmother, with whom she lived. At the age of 9 their connection was broken when her mother took her to live in another country. Regina was sad to leave as she missed her sponsor, who she thought of as a good friend.

Regina’s relationship with Plan was not broken, though – and her sponsor’s impact has not been forgotten.

When she returned to Nicaragua, her friends invited her to join a girls group supported by Plan. Through the group she learned about her rights and took part in business training. Now, she has started her own business selling secondhand clothes. She has never forgotten her sponsor, who she credits with helping her grow as a person and giving her the confidence she needed to be an entrepreneur.

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