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A Story of Hope: Bringing Clean Water to Chien Pho

A new water filtration system in Chien Pho is ensuring that children have a clean water source.

While cool and comfortable in the summer months, the Chien Pho community in Vietnam’s Ha Giang province suffers from a dry season that used to leave residents—especially young schoolchildren—without access to clean water for drinking and bathing. Teachers would cancel classes to collect stream water to boil for their students, but they could not meet the demand. Water-borne illnesses would commonly send 20-30 people to the hospital each day. Thanks to your support of Plan’s Water Fund, however, Chien Pho’s residents received training and supplies to build and maintain a filtration system at a water source less than a mile away from its local schools. Since students have safe water to use for drinking and washing at school, parents feel better about sending them there. The entire community now boasts a plentiful, clean water supply that enables all residents to practice good hygiene and enjoy better health.

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