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A Story of Hope: Lowering Barriers to Girls' Education

Plan’s BRIDGE project is ensuring that children, living in rural communities, have access to a quality education.

The youngest of six children, Aminata lost her father when she was only 7. Her mother worked hard but couldn’t afford to send her children to school. In Burkina Faso, less than 20 percent of girls complete elementary school and continue their educations, but Aminata was determined. She started selling sweet potatoes to pay for school supplies, and she received a scholarship through Plan’s Because I Am A Girl Burkina Response to Improve the Development of Girls’ Education (BRIDGE) project, which helped her stay in school. BRIDGE has improved educational outcomes for nearly 40,000 girls like Aminata in 132 rural villages in Burkina Faso, providing scholarships, stipends, bicycles, dormitories, and a daily meal. With the support of BRIDGE, Aminata’s determination paid off. Her grade point average soared to a 16.33 out of 20, and she’s now in high school.

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