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A Story of Hope: Noella, A Leader and a Fowler

With support from a Plan-supported study group, Noella as able to start a successful chicken rearing business.

Noella dreamt of becoming a doctor, but her parents struggled to pay her school fees. She also had to cook, do laundry, and care for her seven younger sisters, leaving her no time to study. Exhausted, she couldn’t keep up and had to drop out after 6th grade. Soon, however, Noella moved in with her grandmother and joined a local Plan study group. It helped her focus on learning and inspired her to pursue her goals with determination. Group members received a $10 travel stipend, which Noella used to start her own chicken-rearing business instead. Three starter chickens soon became eight, and she was able to sell a portion of her flock to pay for her school fees and supplies. Having returned to school, Noella hopes to expand her business to ensure her sisters complete their educations, and to follow her own dream of giving back to her community by practicing medicine.

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