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A Story of Hope: Powering the Future

Sales of Little Sun solar lamps are providing the community with a sustainable energy source and creating vital employment opportunities.

Today there are 1.1 billion people worldwide living without access to the electrical grid. In places like rural Zimbabwe, communities depend on environmentally unfriendly, unreliable, toxic lighting—like kerosene lamps and flashlights—that many families can’t afford to maintain. Without light, the entire structure of a community is affected: children can’t study or find their way to latrines at night, and adults can’t work in the evenings, limiting their potential in areas where many already struggle to secure employment. Through the Alight Zimbabwe Trust, former Plan sponsored children are now becoming environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who are shining a light of hope in their communities. Their social enterprise sells and distributes Little Sun solar lamps at affordable local prices, creating vital employment opportunities in Zimbabwe while providing a sustainable energy source to light the way for their communities to overcome poverty.

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