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Our global operational structure

Plan International is a global organization that is active in over 75 countries across the world. Plan’s global hub, located in Woking, England, provides leadership and program services to the Plan national offices — one of which is Plan International USA.

National offices

Plan’s 21 national offices are responsible for their own governance, fundraising and program management. National offices work with program offices to fund and deliver our work.

The national offices also make up the Members’ Assembly, Plan’s highest decision-making body. Tasked with setting high-level strategy, the Members’ Assembly also elects Plan’s board of directors, which oversees international headquarters.

Country offices

Plan’s country offices are responsible for all program operations within their country. Most country offices are branch offices of Plan International, with no separate governance structure.

Within each country where we operate, we have program units that manage and implement our programs on the ground. They work directly with children and communities, and are most often located in the communities where programs are implemented.

Regional hubs

Plan has four regional hubs: the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Eastern and Southern Africa and West and Central Africa. The Regional Hubs coordinate and support the work of each country office within its region, providing leadership and technical expertise. Regional Hubs are branch offices of Plan International and do not have a separate governance structure.

Liaison offices

Plan has four liaison offices in Geneva, New York, Addis Ababa and Brussels. Each provides a platform for strengthening our partnerships with international bodies, negotiating with key decision-makers and promoting the rights of children globally.

Engaging with young people at all levels of decision-making is key to Plan’s approach. Plan’s global youth advisory panel meets regularly and delegates are invited to attend members’ assembly twice a year.

Our Network Organizationl Structure

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For too long, adolescent girls in poverty have been viewed as problems to be fixed, rather than partners from whom to learn. But girls know the changes they need in their lives, and it’s up to us to listen and work with them, and for them, to make that change happen.

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