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ALEX AND ANI and Plan International USA: Five Years of Changing Lives

By Dr. Tessie San Martin

This post originally appeared on ALEX AND ANI's Daily 401:

Because I am a Girl Bangle

This year, Plan International USA is proud to celebrate its fifth anniversary of partnership with ALEX AND ANI. Plan International announced a new strategy focused on girls’ rights that seeks to transform the lives of 100 million girls over the next five years. The support of ALEX AND ANI has been and will continue to be instrumental in our efforts to push for gender equality around the world.

Why the focus on gender equality and girls’ rights? Girls remain the most excluded and vulnerable group in the world. Because they are girls, they are often denied their right to equal opportunity and participation in society. Many are unable to attend school or make important decisions about their own futures and bodies, and they are far too often the victims of gender-based violence.

To read the full post on the ALEX AND ANI Daily 401, click here.

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