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An Enormous Impact

Liza, a mother of four from the Philippines, is the chairperson of her Savings Group.

As a mother of four in the Philippines striving every day to meet basic needs, Liza joined the Plan International and JP Morgan Project Community Savings Group in May 2015 to try to improve her family’s finances.

Not long after joining the group, Liza was elected as Money Counter. She held one of the key positions in the group and attended intensive training, where she learned a lot. Soon enough, Liza was unanimously elected as the chairperson.

Her passion for the group can be seen clearly in the way she handles people.

Liza is the kind of leader who listens to her members and gives them the chance to express their thoughts and plans. Although she faced tests that measured her patience, she still stood up for what was good and fair for the group.

As a housewife, her husband’s income provides just enough for daily expenses (food, transportation, school materials, and other personal needs). Sometimes, when her husband, who tills land for a living, complains of arthritis, he has no choice but to endure the pain as he has no extra money to pay for his medicine.

However, things are changing for Liza and her family, thanks to the savings group. She diligently saving on a weekly basis and purchases five shares from the group per week. Currently, she has 97 shares. Her last loan was used to repair their house.

Now, Liza finally believes in herself. She believes she can handle money in the right way. After her training in financial literacy, she learned that their family income isn’t quite enough. That’s why she has started creating her weekly budget and religiously tracking itemized expenses. This discipline has been a significant step forward for her and her family.

The group she is leading has never been a burden to her. She enjoys her responsibilities as chairperson. The camaraderie within the group has made for a solid community.

Because of the Community Savings Group, Liza is now able to provide medicine for her husband, more food on the table, school supplies for her children, and a day to rest every weekend. The decision to join the group had an enormous impact on her life.

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