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April 2017: Let's Lead

Together, we can lead!

Letter from the Editor

We believe that when someone is a leader, she will build a better future for herself, her community, and her country.

That’s why, during International Women’s Day last month, we stood proudly behind the WomenLead Institute and Global Women in Management program, both of which empower women to lead.

We believe young people also have the power to lead, and we look to them for support at all levels of our organization through our Youth Advisory Board. We believe children everywhere should have a say over what happens with their lives and their communities. And, we’ll support girls to drive social, economic, and political change.

We believe leadership changes the world.

But, to build leadership skills in others, we must also be leaders. To do this, we must stand up and act. Sponsor a child. Become an endowed sponsor. Join the conversation on social media, or simply speak to your friends and encourage them to join the #WePlan movement.

Plan is a leader in the movement for children’s rights. But, we cannot do that without our donors and supporters.

Together, we can lead!

Do you want to make a difference on social media, but aren’t sure how? Here’s how you can use Twitter to connect with Plan and share your voice. Just click here and get started.

This Month's Articles:

  1. Meet Genesis: A Plan International Sponsored Child from Peru

    Meet Genesis, an 8-year-old Plan sponsored child from Peru. We gave her a video camera to show us a day in her life.

    Take a tour through her home, her school, and her community!

  2. In Photos: Famine in South Sudan

    South Sudan is currently facing one of the world’s worst food crises. A combination of civil war, economic collapse, and drought have pushed parts of the country into deadly famine and displaced millions of people.

    Find out how Plan is helping.

  3. These Five Women Are True Survivors

    Meet five women who have endured incredibly difficult circumstances but are still standing.

    Find out how the USAID-funded Protecting Human Rights program in Bangladesh helped all five of them recover from domestic violence and build new lives for themselves.

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