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August 2016: We’re in This Together

Jane Bentzen has partnered with Plan to support Syrian refugees in Egypt.

Letter from the Editor

TOGETHER we plan – we are creating lasting change.

At Plan International USA, our donors, sponsors, and supporters are some of the best in the world. Youth advocates in the U.S. and around the globe are incredibly dedicated. Practitioners work each and every day to ensure difficult goals are achieved. And, community members and children in more than 50 countries play an integral role in everything we do.

We are a team. We are in this together. Your part, whatever it may be, is incredibly important. During the long, hot days of summer, we hope you don’t relent. Keep spreading the word, and keep doing what you do to make the world a better place.

It matters. YOU matter!

Join the Conversation!

This month, we'll be highlighting some of our youth advocates through our blog and social media channels. Follow along on Twitterand Instagram with the hashtag #SheWill!

This Month's Articles:

  1. From Sponsorship to Refugee Relief: Plan Donor Dedicated to Helping

    Jayne Bentzen says she is inspired by “good people.”

    Find out how her quest to help people and make the world a better place has led her to partner with Plan to support Syrian refugees in Egypt.

  2. Youth Representation is Vital to Development

    “It's challenging to argue that representation – and genuine representation – is not at the core of effective decision-making,” Youth Advisory Board member Kyle says.

    Find out why Kyle thinks a youth voice is key to progress in international development.

  3. Young Leaders Build Skills for Lasting Change

    Young people from all over the U.S. – and from around the world – gathered in Washington DC in July for Plan International USA’s Youth Leadership Academy.

    The academy, designed to train youth in leadership and civic engagement around the Sustainable Development Goals, had its share of intriguing and fun moments.

    Have a look!

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