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Imagine a world where every girl’s potential shines unbounded. Where education isn’t a privilege; it’s a birthright. Where the only hunger a girl experiences is the hunger for success. The freedom to choose your own path is a fundamental right. Yet too many girls around the world are denied control over their own futures.  

Sound unfair? That’s because it is. But there’s something you can do about it. 

Become a We Are the Girls Activist with Plan and make a monthly gift that supports programs working with girls and their communities toward a more equitable world.  

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The Graduation Project, Zimbabwe

What would you do for an education?

In the community where Plan is implementing The Graduation Project in Zimbabwe, girls are sleeping in a shack next to a liquor store in order to go to school. They live too far to walk back and forth every day. They don’t have running water or private bathrooms. Without adult supervision or protection, they are at even greater risk of sexual abuse and assault.

When you become a We Are the Girls Activist with Plan, you can give girls another, better way to stay safe and finish school with The Graduation Project. You’ll help girls lead the way to the change they want to see in their own lives. They’ll:

  • Get training on the skills they need to achieve their goals, like decision-making and building self-esteem.
  • Learn about their sexual and reproductive health and rights so they can make informed decisions about their bodies.
  • Teach their community members about why gender equality matters.

Together with other Plan We Are the Girls Activists, your monthly gift will support real and lasting change for girls around the world.

Why Plan USA? Why now?

Right now girls are facing unprecedented challenges around the world, including:

  • A global hunger crisis, fueled by climate change and the war in Ukraine.
  • Conflict and displacement, which threaten girls’ health and safety.
  • A worsening climate crisis, which disproportionately harms women and girls

We know, from Plan’s 85+ years of experience, that in times of crisis, girls eat less and last. We know they get pulled out of school, forced into early marriage and into giving birth at a young age. These things can change the whole trajectory of a girl’s life and future. But your investment today can change everything.



Plan USA is a girls’ rights organization. Our unique GirlEngage approach goes a step further than simply creating programs that include girls. We work with and for girls – from how we design programs to how we run and evaluate them – so that we are working together toward the change and solutions girls really want. They are more than participants or beneficiaries; they’re our partners. 

Plan’s We Are the Girls Activists are part of a giving community devoted to uplifting girls, focusing on their unique hopes, needs and aspirations – and taking action to make them a reality. If you believe in the potential of girls to change the world, you are a We Are the Girls Activist. Join us.

Judi Helton, Plan USA We Are the Girls Activist Liaison

Meet your community manager

Why is gender equality important to you?

Growing up as the oldest of three daughters, I was the first sibling to experience moments where I was treated differently because of being female. From school to social media to my professional career, I have experienced sexism firsthand, as every female has. Being a decade older than my sisters gave me a leg-up in the fight for equality, and when I hear that they have similar stories to mine, 10 years later, it’s impossible not to feel frustrated. Now, I’m proud to work alongside We Are the Girls Activists at Plan to fight for change!

If you believe in the power of girls to shape the future, join me and a growing community of determined optimists by becoming a We Are the Girl Activist!