A note from Marceline

By Nancy Isabel
August 27, 2018

There’s something special about a handwritten note. Maybe even more so now, because so few people take the time to write them anymore. It’s wonderful when something unexpected lands in your mailbox, hand-addressed specifically to you. You know that the person writing to you really cares, enough to put that caring into words.

When you sponsor a child, you’re showing you care, too.

Because of donors like you, Marceline, a high school student in Burkina Faso, received a scholarship to continue her education beyond sixth grade. Support like this is especially important in a place like Burkina Faso, where so many girls are prevented from going to school because of distance, the inability to pay fees, lack of proper hygiene facilities or simply because they are girls.

The Promoting Equality and Safety in Schools (PEASS) project helps to unlock girls’ potential by sending them to secondary school in a safe environment. Instead of walking as many as five miles to school and arriving tired, girls in the program receive bicycles to make their commute easier. They are also enrolled in the school’s canteen program, which allows them to receive healthy meals during the school day. The project also raises awareness and understanding of menstrual health in the community, fighting the stigma that surrounds it. All this is happening thanks to you.

We often tell you that you’re changing lives. But this time, you don’t have to take it from us, because Marceline took the time to send a handwritten note.


Good morning or good afternoon, depending on when this letter reaches you! It is with a heart full of emotion and grace that I sat at my table to write you this letter. 

But first of all, let me ask about your health and the health of your family. As for me, I am doing well and so is my family. 

I live far from my high school, and I used to arrive at school late every day. Now, you have provided me with a means of transportation. Thanks to your support, I am able to be on time to school!

Also, with the support to get food from the canteen at school, I can spend more time at school studying. I really want to thank you for your support.

There are other improvements I don’t even have the time to elaborate on, but I am really grateful to you. Thanks to you, I am going to undertake big things in life. So, my prayer is that God fills you with grace and provides for you a hundred-fold for all of your efforts. But, I can’t forget to also ask you to please remain at my side until I’m ready to be independent, and help other girls like me. 

Goodbye, and until next time!!!!