Before the YLA: How I Got Here

By Amber
July 23, 2018

The YLA is finally here!

My name is Amber and I am from Washington. I will be a high school junior in the upcoming fall. I am Latina and am so pleased that nowadays, those who come from diverse backgrounds are being strongly encouraged to apply for incredible opportunities like Plan international USA’s Youth Leadership Academy. 

This opportunity was introduced to me through my former geometry teacher, Mrs. Marquardt. When applying, I was hesitant. I do not have much leadership experience, and I did not consider myself a great leader. However, after conversing with Mrs. Marquardt, I came to the realization that in order to become the leader I hope to be, I had to apply. After all the fundraising, and donations from incredibly generous individuals, the event has finally arrived. 

I want to attend the YLA to better myself as a leader and gain confidence so I can improve my community. I am fortunate enough to attend a very diverse school where I am able to see a glimpse of global issues. But there’s only so much that I can learn from school, and the YLA will take my knowledge one step further. I am looking forward to planning a project that I will have the opportunity to carry out in my home town. What I am expecting to get out of the YLA is a greater awareness of global issues, as well as how I can involve individuals in my community to help make a difference. I am also looking forward to making life-long friendships through the YLA. This five-day trip will truly be a memorable experience that I know will have a positive impact on me, as well as my community. 

“Thank You” to all the individuals who were generous enough to donate and make attending the YLA possible!