Determined to be a Part of Change

October 26, 2016

My name is Vicky and I have been engaged with Plan International for eight years. I am one of six members of the Central Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) in Plan El Salvador. I have been trained on topics such as: children rights, culture of peace, sexual and reproductive health, gender equality and audiovisual productions.

My role at Plan is to be the voice of my community and to suggest communicate needs and suggest input to better the organization.  We also evaluate some projects from a youth perspective. For that reason, the YAP members have been trained on evaluation and monitoring techniques.

We have been really engaged on the Because I am a Girl Movement and because of that, we have learned that children and youth not only should be involved and feel confident expressing their ideas but they should also  be heard in the decision-making process.

“When we invest in girls and women everybody wins.”

Around the world there are many examples that serve as proof for this statement: Girls and women are, in fact, great drivers of change. We all know that investing in education, social and economic empowerment for girls and women is one of the smartest ways to encourage progress.   

In our society, we need a change and I am very determined to be a part of it. I also invite youth around the world to raise their voices to be heard. As young people lets support each other.

Finally, I want to share these messages:

  1. To the world and community leaders, who are tasked with building a better world: Historically, your role was to be an architect, and we, the common people, have been the construction workers, but I ask you, what would happen if we plan and build together the final product? Listen to us, involve us in the decision-making processes.
  2. I am only ONE girl in front of you, but I represent thousands, millions of girls, adolescents and young women. On behalf of all of them, I tell you “we are women, we have rights, we want to be treated with dignity and we deserve to live our own lives.”
  3. And lastly I am making a call to governments, policy makers, researchers, civil society, and people everywhere, to help us count our voices and experiences that make sense in our life. Include us in the decision that are affecting us.