Disaster Heroes Like You Save Lives

By Nancy Isabel
July 2, 2018

Rosemika (right) is a a 10-year-old from Haiti.

“The water was like a monster, hitting everything violently. It was the worst day of my life.” 

That’s how Rosemika, a 10-year-old from Haiti, describes the day Hurricane Matthew hit. Can you imagine it? In an instant, everything she knew turned upside down.

Rosemika and her siblings ran for the hills as fast as they could. Thankfully, they escaped, but their home was destroyed.

When I hear stories like this, I can’t help but think about the difference donors like you make for children like Rosemika—not just when disasters strike, but throughout the weeks, months, and even years of recovery that follow. 

Because of you, Plan International was already working in Rosemika’s community. And with your unwavering support, we were able to react quickly, delivering essentials like food, water, medicine, and temporary shelter.

Disasters take many forms and often come without warning. That’s why your support of the Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund means so much. Your commitment ensures that Plan staff around the world can spring into action right away. And, you enable us to continue working with families throughout the recovery process.  

Rebuilding takes time, and with you by our side, we’re in it for the long haul. Since Hurricane Matthew struck in October 2016, caring people in the US like you have donated more than $72,000 through Plan to the recovery effort.

With your help, families built temporary homes using Plan shelter kits. Children like Rosemika played in Plan’s Child-Friendly Spaces. And, children and adults alike were able to stay clean and healthy with Plan hygiene kits.  

“I am so happy that Plan International has not let us down,” Rosemika said. 

YOU have not let her down.

You’ve also been there for children and families in Nigeria recovering from attacks by militant extremists. You’re there for the Rohingya refugees who have fled Myanmar seeking safety in the border camps in Bangladesh.

And just recently, when Fuego Volcano in Guatemala erupted, you were there once again. Thanks to you, we’re putting $100,000 from the US Disaster Fund to work in Guatemala, providing essential support to children and families displaced by the volcano.

We can’t prevent disasters from happening. But, with your support, we can help build resilient communities and be there for children and families like Rosemika’s. You make all this possible. Thank you.