Plan International USA Acquires CEDPA

November 28, 2012

Plan International USA and the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA) have entered into a formal asset acquisition agreement. In this innovative transaction, CEDPA will join talents and projects with Plan to strengthen existing programs and more effectively protect and promote the rights of women and children around the world.

CEDPA, an international NGO based in Washington, D.C., was one of the first organizations to focus specifically on issues relating to the development and advancement of women. For more than 37 years, CEDPA has transformed the lives of millions of women and girls, making them successful partners in the development of their countries by giving them the tools to improve their lives, and the lives of their family and community members. Program focus includes girls’ education and youth development, increasing access to lifesaving reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services, and strengthening women’s leadership.

“CEDPA as an organization includes elements that are highly aligned and complementary to Plan’s focus and vision,” said Tessie San Martin, President and CEO of Plan International USA. “The addition of CEDPA to the Plan family is about adding capacity and capability. We are excited by the potential of our combined resources and expertise, and we feel well-positioned to increase the impact we have on the lives of women and children around the world through this agreement. Studies show that investing in women results in healthier, stronger families and children, which in turn strengthens communities and nations."

“CEDPA’s founders early on recognized that women play a critically important role in communities around the world – and that everyone will benefit if women are empowered to mobilize and lead change within their communities. When women are so empowered, communities move forward and lives are improved. Over the past 37 years, CEDPA has contributed to millions of success stories, but the job is not yet done,” said Carol Peasley, CEDPA President and CEO. “In working on this transition at CEDPA, our goal has been to ensure that the valuable programs for which CEDPA is renowned will continue to thrive and thus transform individuals and communities. We know this will be the case under Plan’s leadership.”

Earlier this year, with Plan International and Plan International USA’s Board support, Plan and CEDPA began discussing an agreement that would transfer CEDPA’s assets and expertise to Plan. The assets to be transferred to Plan include eight USAID sub-awards plus several significant foundation-funded grants. The programs implemented out of CEDPA’s Nigeria office are part of the transaction, but CEDPA India Society will remain independent.