Plan International USA at CIES

By Maria Holsopple
April 29, 2019

For Plan International USA, the annual CIES conference is a time to showcase our work and learn what others are doing in the education field. This year, we led a roundtable discussion and presentation during the conference. In addition, Plan representatives from across the global organization headlined another 12 sessions. We also sponsored a booth and had a leadership presence in one of the special interest groups. Here are a few highlights.

First, what is CIES?

CIES is the Comparative and International Education Society and it’s one of the oldest and largest international education organizations in the world, representing more than 1,000 universities, research institutes, government departments and nonprofits across the globe.


Plan held a well-attended roundtable discussion titled GirlEngage: Placing Girls in the Driver’s Seat of Sustainable Education Reform. The conversation centered on ensuring girls play a role in program design so that their priorities, needs and vision are included in solutions. They are the experts of their lives, so let’s get their input!

The roundtable was led by Sarah Havekost, Technical Advisor for Education; Molly Fitzgerald, Technical Advisor for Health; and Marcia Odell, Senior Director of Gender.


Rose Fishman, Senior Program Management Associate, gave a presentation on the scalability and sustainability of early childhood education, focusing on the Community-Led Action for Children project implemented in Kenya. The project focused on getting the whole community involved in education to create a sustainable learning environment for children.


Craig Geddes, Technical Advisor for Education, contributed to the leadership of the conference by serving as co-chair for the Global Literacy Special Interest Group. This group sponsored several sessions throughout the conference, and Craig was elected to continue as co-chair for the next year. In this capacity, he will review proposal submissions for CIES 2020, coordinate a quarterly newsletter and organize a series of webinars in partnership with USAID.


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