Plan International USA statement on Mark Green’s confirmation hearing

June 16, 2017

Plan International USA applauds Ambassador Mark Green’s vision for the future of USAID, which he laid out in his June 15 Senate confirmation hearing to become the next head of America’s international development efforts. Green described USAID as an “irreplaceable force of good in the world….an asset to our national security and the global face of American generosity.”

Green sees the purpose of foreign aid as creating the conditions under which it is no longer necessary, a vision that resonates with Plan’s goal of locally-led programs that create lasting impact. Specifically, Green spoke of three priorities  First, USAID will use resources efficiently with high standards of accountability. Second, USAID will let partners know that American aid is designed to enable countries to “take care of themselves and craft their own bright futures.” Finally, Green’s view includes reforming USAID to reflect America’s evolving relationship with the developing world. Plan and more than 100 other organizations recently endorsed similar aid effectiveness principles

In order to foster sustainable development, Green said USAID should “emphasize programs that incentivize local capacity building and implementation, mobilize domestic resources, and ensure that our host government partners have ‘skin in the game.’” This echoes USAID’s existing Local Solutions Framework, which calls for programs driven by local priorities, local implementation, and co-financing. 

Green also addressed the women and girls agenda, reiterating his belief that “it is vitally important to integrate women and girls into all of our programs.” He added that “no democracy can succeed if it’s not listening to all of its voices, and in too many parts of the world women’s voices are not heard.”

Plan supports Green’s confirmation as Administrator of USAID, as well as rigorous funding for the Agency in order to realize the full potential of this vision.