Prey is safe tonight because you refused to look away

By Allison McCrave
January 22, 2020

Recently, we told you about 8-year-old Prey in Cambodia. Orphaned and neglected, Prey was all alone. Many nights she would go to bed scared and hungry, in grave danger of becoming a victim of abuse, trafficking or worse.

But, thanks to donors like you, Prey is safe tonight. Once severely malnourished, she now has food, clean water and medical care. Plan staff takes Prey to the health center regularly for check-ins, making sure she’s well-fed and receiving the care she needs to grow stronger.

Prey, age 8 girl, is safe because of child protection and child sponsorship in Cambodia
Prey, with her Aunt and surrounded by Plan International staff, receiving food and school supplies.

Her beloved sister, who left to find employment, has returned and is living with Prey again. We’re encouraging Prey’s sister to participate in our vocational training program, which would open up employment opportunities and help her support her family. In the meantime, she found a job on a nearby farm, commuting to work while Prey attends school, with financial assistance.

Local authorities patrol the area at night, and a child protection committee in Prey’s community, including the village chief, police and teachers, is working with Plan staff to ensure Prey and other vulnerable children are safe from harm. After school, Prey is taken care of by an elderly neighbor, who is a member of the child protection committee. In fact, whenever her sister is away, Prey stays with neighbors from the committee, so she’s not alone.

And Prey has a new friend, her sponsor from Finland. This sponsorship is a constant reminder that there’s someone out there who cares about her future, which makes all the difference in the world.

Thank you so much for opening your heart and giving children like Prey hope for a brighter tomorrow!

Prey, 8, playing her favorite game of pretend cooking. Photographer: Karolina Paatos.
Prey, 8, playing her favorite game of pretend cooking. Photographer: Karolina Paatos.

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